Barcode Label Maker 7


User Reviews

"The program is very easy to usa, lots of upc formats, accept excel lists, easy instructions, etc"

- Jn Schou Maegard

" I was able to get my designed labels printed with ease. The data table feature that enabled me putting all my labels in one sheet. And made it easier for getting printouts."

- Amanda Partridge

" I evaluated many different label design software similar to Barcode Label Maker and found it to be the best, having all the features, interface, and functionality I was looking for. It also possesses a short learning curve."

- Thomas Brizek

"With Barcode Label Maker I created beautiful labels from my CDs and book covers. Best wishes for aulux team."

- Keith Balcome

The Editions

Barcode Label Maker is designed to improve the work efficiency of every kind of user – from people at home who use their PCs for simple Label Printing, to business people who must organise and manage large volumes of barcodes. To make sure that everyone has a program to meet their specific needs, Aulux will deliver three different editions of Barcode Label Maker. Each edition is focused on the needs of a specific type of use. Large, global organizations with complex labels should consider the Enterprise Edition.

Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
  1D Linear Barcodes
  2D Barcodes    
  Extended 1D Barcodes  
  Insert Grid to Label    
  Various Pictures from Data Table  
  Data Table
  Sequence Data Builder
  Function Data (date...)  
  Mutil-copies Controller  
  Import Data from XLS, TXT, MDB...  
  Link Data To XLS, TXT, MDB...    
  Export Data to File    
  SQL Database    
  Label Templates  
  Industrial Symbol Libraries    
  Export Label to Image File (jpg, png, tiff, bmp, gif)  
  Export Label to PDF File    
USD 49.00
USD 99.00
USD 149.00