How to convert UPC barcode to Ean 13?

How to convert UPC barcode to Ean 13?

UPC and EAN-13 barcodes are compatible with each other. They both have the same number of bars and spaces, and they can be scanned by most retail scanning devices in the world. The only difference is that UPC has 12 digits, while EAN-13 has 13 digits. 

To convert a UPC barcode to an EAN barcode, you need to add a zero in front of the 12-digit UPC number. For example, if the UPC number is 123456789012, the EAN number would be 0123456789012. This zero represents the country code of the USA, which is not printed under the UPC barcode.

UPC and EAN are both types of barcodes that are used to identify products and their information. The main difference between them is the number of digits they contain. UPC has 12 digits, while EAN has 13 digits. EAN is more widely used internationally, while UPC is more common in the US and Canada.

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