The benifit of using barcode label software and normal printer to generate barcode labels.
The benifit of using barcode label software and normal printer to generate barcode labels.

Aulux Barcode label maker software is a tool that allows...

Use Aulux barcode label maker to manage your goods in a shop.

Aulux barcode label software is a tool that allows you...

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The Application of Bar Code in Chemical Industry

The Application of Bar Code in Chemical Industry

With the expansion of the scale of chemical plants, how to reduce the storage, production management staff experience dependence, if the fine management is the chemical industry is facing a common problem. Bar code automatic identification technology mature application, can be a good solution to the chemical industry data entry and fine management. Aulux has many years of bar code information technology practice, combined with ERP system integration, for the management of the chemical industry provides a perfect bar code solution.
Chemical industry has three management features: batch traceability, weighing management, formula confidential. This is the chemical industry's three major management problems, even on the ERP enterprise information system, can not completely solve the problem, but because of the large amount of information collection, manual errors and information input delay, leading to ERP system information Not timely and accurate, affecting the enterprise management and decision-making.

First, the development of the chemical industry to a certain size, usually faced with the following management issues:
1, the warehouse and the workshop to produce large amounts of data need to record and delivery, document operations are too cumbersome, personnel manual records prone to error, let alone centralized management and information sharing.

2, the warehouse needs to ensure that the first out first, the number of places too much, easy to forget the operation.

3, warehouse inventory time-consuming, to always meet the material, the operation is very high, inventory is not accurate.

4, the buyer can not know the exact inventory, which led to the procurement of materials can not meet the production or procurement of waste caused by too much.

5, the production link is difficult to link, tracking analysis of the production process is not in place, the production of materials, feeding links rely on artificial in the multi-point operation error.

6, the same product output after the different batches of parts can not identify the batch or chaotic batches, resulting in product sales out after the tracing difficult or even traceable.

The use of bar code automatic identification technology applied to the chemical industry, the above typical management problems will be solved, but also to solve the batch traceability, weighing management, recipe security three management problems.

Second, the chemical industry application bar code management system after the benefits
1, bar code management system can automatically generate product bar code labels and print out, for the product to establish a comprehensive bar code management foundation.

2, refine the product inventory management, improve product inventory accuracy, reduce the additional procurement, while ensuring the inventory to meet customer orders or production planning needs.

3, the use of bar code to identify the product, the establishment of product quality tracking traceability, to promote product quality improvement and customer relationship maintenance.

4, the establishment of a collection of goods bar code management system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehousing delivery, warehousing, delivery and other aspects of the alarm to remind the function.

5, for managers to provide real-time data query, audit work, and automatically generate the relevant statements.

6, bar code recognition and data acquisition terminal applications, greatly reducing the human error input, eliminating the operator's paper records and data entry duplication of work, and improve the efficiency and quality of management.

7, bar code management system with the existing production execution system or ERP system integration, the maximum play within the system value.

With the development of manufacturing information construction, the chemical industry is also widely used enterprise ERP information system to improve their management level, such as the combination of bar code technology, will greatly improve the effectiveness of information systems and real- Business management to a higher level.