User Manual

Barcode Settings

Select the barcode element that you want to modify, You will see the propertyes list of barcode in the right window.

The Barcode properties are summarized below :

Symbology :

This is a read only item, it is the barcode symbology of current barcode element.

Display code: This option allows you to specify the alignment you want your printed barcode text to appear below barcode, you can also choose 'False' to hide the human readable text of the barcode.

Bar width : The Bar width option allows you to specify the most basic element of a bar code — the width of its narrowest element. The minimal value of bar width is determined by the selected printer's resolution capability, if the DPI of current printer is 300, the narrowest line width that can be printed by this printer is 1/300 inch.

Bar Height : The Bar height option allows you to specify the bar height of the current barcode element.

Supplemental code : Used to access the options which append UPC/EAN supplemental barcodes and control their datasource. When books and magazines are barcode using the UPC or EAN types, the main UPC/EAN code is often followed by a shorter 2-digit or 5-digit supplemental code behind the main code. It has same bar width as the main UPC/EAN code which precedes it.

Add checksum : Use this option to specify the if add a computed check character the displayed symbol. This property applies to Barcode Type values of Interleaved2of5, Code11, Code93, and Code128.

Bearer bar style: Determines if a top and bottom bar is drawn with the Interleaved2of5 barcode .

Show tall guard bars: This option determines if the guard bars are drawn above and below the normal symbol bars. If it is checked, any guard bars in the symbol (UPC/EAN) are drawn taller than the normal bars. Otherwise, the guard bars are drawn the same as the normal bars.

Ecc level: Specifies the Reed-Solomon error correction level to use. Level0 denotes the least amount of error correction, with Level8 being the maximum. Auto will enable the barcode engine to use the optimal error correction for the amount of data.

Columns: Specifies the number of columns in the PDF 417 barcode.

Bar height: Specifies the height of a single line element In PDF417.

Truncated: Truncated PDF417 reduces the amount of space required for the barcode by removing the right hand indicators and by reducing the stop pattern to a single bar. Truncated PDF417 should only be used in situations where the label is unlikely to be damaged.
Truncated PDF is fully compatible with PDF417.

Mode: Use this option to set the error correction level and type of data encoded in the Maxicode barcode.
Mode2 : Structured carrier message with numeric postal code. Mode3: Structured carrier message with alphanumeric postal code. Mode4: Standard symbol with standard error correction. Mode5: Standard symbol with enhanced error correction. Mode6: Reader programming.

Postal code, Country code, Service code : Specify the special carrier information used in mode 2 and mode 3 barcodes.

*Note: Only enterprise edition supports the 2D barcodes.