User Manual

Print Labels

When you are done laying out your label and you are ready to print, either select print from the file menu, or click on the print button the print dialog will then open.

Note: Only those elements positioned within the border of the displayed label itself will print.



Sometimes, there is a paper that has the used labels and remaining blank labels. You do not want waste it, You can set the start position to skip the used labels.

Output quantity:

There are four options to determine how many labels will be print.

  • Identical copies of current displayed label Specifies the number of identical copies that you want of current label that displayed on screen.
  • Variable label from the data tabl If your label contains advanced fields with the Database, you can choose the range that you want print.
  • All variable label from the data table If your label contains advanced fields with the Database, it will print labels assigned to all range items data from datasheet. More information about objects working with datasheet, please click here.

  • The number of duplicate copies to print It will print the duplicated copies of above contents.